Solutions for Business:
EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Solutions EAP is offered through companies as a benefit to their employees. We support businesses in achieving optimal productivity and profitability by assisting employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting their workplace performance. We are committed to providing cost effective services, including confidential counseling, educational workshops, crisis intervention and wellness education.

When we contract with a company, we offer a predetermined number of counseling sessions with a professional counselor. The program is confidential and is also open to members of the employee’s household. The EAP service provides a thorough and timely evaluation of an employee’s needs.  Then, depending on the type of problem, brief counseling, crisis intervention or referrals to appropriate community resources are provided. Studies show that a quality, well-implemented EAP program provides companies with an average return-on-investment of $15 for every dollar spent.

National statistics also show these results for companies with an EAP:

  • 43% reduction in absenteeism
  • 35% reduced turnover
  • 62% higher productivity
  • 65% reduction in work-related accidents
  • 30% reduction in worker’s compensation claims
  • 50% reduction in work-related grievances
  • 68% increase in morale

Solutions for Individual:
Private Counseling

Counseling, also called therapy or psychotherapy, is the process of meeting with a therapist or counselor to resolve challenging situations, behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, or other problems in your life that are keeping you from being the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.  Through therapy, you can change self-destructive behaviors and habits, resolve painful feelings, improve your relationships, and more.

Among the many benefits of counseling are:

  • improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits
  • better expression and management of emotions, including anger
  • relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions
  • increased confidence and decision-making skills
  • ability to manage stress effectively
  • improved problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities
  • greater sense of self and purpose
  • recognition of distorted thinking

Business & Group Training Workshops

Our professional staff offer a wide variety of educational workshops and training programs. These are developed to not only accomplish specified goals, but to also be interactive and though-provoking.

A sample of topics is listed below but we can also customize a training session for your employees or your group if you need a guest speaker.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity and Respect
  • Strategies for Coping with Stress
  • Effective Communication
  • Recognizing Harassment in the Workplace
  • Managing Change
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Beating Burnout
  • Solution-Focused Supervising
  • Team Building
  • Workplace Violence – Causes and Prevention
  • Organizational Skills
  • Impact of Gossip in the Workplace
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Anger Management